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Kefih is a zero commission market place build exclusively for Indian fashion brands

It is an explainer animation video created for RegCentric when they were launching Reg360 Open API Management Utility. 

Yellow Rentals mobile app
An explainer animation video to describe the working of the newly launched app with its benefits.

Durian Plywood
This is a whiteboard styled explainer video. Meant to explain benefits of using Durian Plywood.

Astro Vastu Point
This is again a whiteboard based explainer animation video, explaining about Astro Vastu Point services.

Wall to Wall Carpets
This is majorly based on video shoots and pictures, describing the types of carpets and their uses. Logo animation is a 3D animation.

Animation kinds
This is an inhouse production giving a brief idea of the possibilities of the animation styles.


At Saketanim you can get developed almost all kinds of animations. You can get the most cost effective, unmatched quality of solutions suiting best to your needs in the least workable time.

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