Al the sketches below are created by Saket Anand.

This is an abstract design, created straight out of my mind patterns, using a fine sketch pen. There was a need of an abstract background in a print advertisement, for which this came into existence.

Made this using a ball point pen. This was needed as a background in a 3d animated video advertisement that I made in 2004. The idea was to bring a feeling of cigerette smoking environment in the video. If you'll look closely at this sketch you'll find a face with a cigerette in his mouth, and rest is the smoke.

This was created using crayon pencils. Name of this character is Astronomer Baba, and he is a very knowledgeable person. He knows a lot about astronomy and astrology both, as he believes that the wisdom lies in the union of science and tradition.

This painting is created on a piece of paper using oil paints. Inspired from a real photograph of a bird. I made this in 1990.

This is a sketch work using black pencil on a paper. Representing my passion of designing and animations.


This sketch is made using ink fine liner.

It was made for Diwali festival of India to be printed on tin boxes.

These dresses were created for a female 2D character. Made with crayon colors and ink fine liner.

Made by a black pencil, these were characters meant to present a conversation between two drops of petrol.

Made with crayon colors, black pencil and colored fine liners. This guy is a graffiti artist with an attitude of freedom towards his actions.

This is a background created for an animation based on astronomical facts, and stories on astrology. The Astronomer Baba shown above is the leading character from the same animation. This background is created with crayon color pencils only.

This is from a very old collection of mine, made with a simple black ink pen. This is about an animated world where I see myself happy and blissful.

Again from an old collection, this sketch is made by a ballpoint pen. This is an idea of isolation or solitude, it depends on what one sees here. And what one is what one sees.

This is a part of a visualisation of a storyboard, where first drop of rain was supposed to fall on a thirsty leaf. It was a 3D animation. This sketch is made with a black pencil.

This sketch of a tiger is presenting a tiger's ability to camouflage with grass and bushes. This was for an educational program for children. Made with a black pencil.

Another example of camouflage with leafs and thin stems of a tree, of this stick grass hoper or Proscopide. Made with black pencil. This was a part of an educational program for children.

This is also a part of an educational program for children, made with black pencil. Showing a tortoise swimming in a deap ocean.

This parrot is from a story about a fortune teller and this parrot. Made for just a visualization and meant for a 2d character animation, with black pencil.

I liked this dance pose, by Akshay Khanna, and wished to draw it with a black pencil. This is from a bollywood movie "Doli Saja ke Rakhna".

This funny expression of Shahrukh Khan is from the movie "Yes Boss". Made with a black pencil.

This sketch was made with a reference of a model in a magazine print advertisement. I do not remember her name. Made with a black pencil.

This is from one of my favorite time pass. Do not remember any thing related to its visualisation. Made it with a black pencil,

For an educational program for children, this skull was made with the help of a reference, with a black pencil.

Swami Vivekanand. He is one of my role model, whose thoughts inspired my being to the core. I have learnt a lot from the books based on his teachings, and feel as if there is lot more to learn and explore. This sketch was made in the year 1993, using a black pencil.

This is a character design of a telescope, which can walk and talk in expressions to his owner. This was meant for an animation based on astronomy and astrology. This is made wioth crayon color pencils.

Made with water colors, this is a visualisation in a two extreme points 3D perspective. I made this in my final year of bachelor degree of computer science engineering, in the year 2001. I submitted a project report on Virtual Reality in my final year, and inspired with that concept I created this. This was not the part of that project.

I took references to make this painting. Bird was from a real photograph, and the rest was from another painting. This is in water colors on a paper.

Made with black pencil, this is a greeting card visualisation for Diwali ( an Indian festival).

This calligraphy art is made on a black sheet of paper with a golden ink pen.

This calligraphy art is made on a black sheet of paper with a golden ink pen.

An explorer - this is made with a black pencil. He loves to work with machines, and invents machines.

A cool guy, who loves to read and enjoy his time with music. Made with black pencil.

This character is made with a blue ball point pen. He is a fun loving person, an actor.